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CBD Tincture (Natural)


CBD tincture

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Discover the transformative power of our Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Tincture, available in a range of enticing flavors – Natural, Cinnamon, Peppermint, and Citrus. With a potent dosage ranging from 500 to 1500 MG, this premium tincture is crafted to elevate your well-being and provide a personalized CBD experience.

🌿 Full-Spectrum Excellence

Immerse yourself in the full potential of hemp-derived CBD with our carefully crafted tincture. Boasting a full-spectrum profile, it captures the richness of cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential compounds for a more comprehensive and effective wellness solution.

💚 Choose Your Flavor, Elevate Your Experience

Indulge your senses with our diverse flavor options. Whether you prefer the earthy notes of Natural, the warmth of Cinnamon, the crispness of Peppermint, or the zesty allure of Citrus, our tincture ensures a delightful journey to wellness tailored to your taste.

🌟 Tailored Potency for Your Needs

Select the ideal potency for your unique requirements, ranging from 500 MG to 1500 MG. Whether you’re a newcomer to CBD or an experienced enthusiast, our range allows you to customize your dosage for a truly personalized wellness journey.

🍃 Purity and Potency Assured

At the heart of our commitment to quality is rigorous third-party lab testing. Our CBD tincture is meticulously examined to ensure it meets the highest standards of purity, potency, and consistency. Elevate your CBD experience with confidence, knowing you’re choosing a product that prioritizes your well-being.

🎯 Versatile and Effortless Integration

Experience the ease of incorporating CBD into your daily routine. Our user-friendly dropper ensures precise dosing, whether you prefer adding it to your favorite beverage or taking it directly under the tongue. Elevate your self-care with a touch of nature’s goodness.

🌈 Unlock the Full Potential

Improve your overall wellness with the holistic benefits of our Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Tincture. Embrace balance, relaxation, and vitality as you harness the power of nature to enhance your daily life.

Choose a flavor, find your potency, and embark on a journey to well-being with our Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Tincture. Elevate your experience – naturally.



CBD and essential oils are sensitive to heat and light. Store in a cool, dry place to prolong shelf life. Storing in the refrigerator is not necessary and may cause the product to thicken.


  • CBD oil,
  • MCT oil from coconut

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500, 1000, 1500

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